SUMMARY: apache basic authentication doesn't work on solaris

From: Canhui (Sam) Ou <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 13:30:44 EDT
Hi All,

The solution is straightforward as I expected:

Change "AllowOverride None" to "AllowOverride AuthConfig" for dir
/export/home/www/htdocs, which is the DocumentRoot.

One caveat: if I keep "AllowOverride None" for /export/home/www/htdocs and add
the following directive
<Directory /export/home/www/htdocs/secure>
     AllowOverride AuthConfig
then it still doesn't work.

Thanks to
	Marian Dragomir   
	Martin Schmitt   
	Hargrave, Mark E
	Owens, Blaine C - Eastman
	Carlos Tovar   
Below is the original question:
Hi All,

Apache basic authentication is fairly straightforward and worked well for me
before, only this time it totally has no effect.

- My basic configuration is shown below:
1. solaris 9 sparc
2. Apache/2.0.46 (Unix) DAV/2 mod_jk2/2.0.2
3. Tomcat 4.1.24
4. mysql 3.23.53

- I try to set the directory /export/home/www/htdocs/secure/ to authenticated
users only as follows:
1. create a user/password
htpasswd -c /export/home/www/passwd/apache_passwd usera

2. create .htaccess under /export/home/www/htdocs/secure/ as follows:
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "members only"
   AuthUserFile /export/home/www/passwd/apache_passwd
   Require user usera

When I typed http://.../secure/index.html, I got the page without the
username/password dialogue box.  I tried putting the stuff in htaccess to
httpd.conf and restarting apache without luck.  I even tried rebooting the
host.  It simply doesn't work.

I remember I did it before and it worked.  I think I set the permissions of all
the related files correct.

Any thought on this?

Thanks in advance,


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