[SUMMARY] Fujitsu Magneto-Optical (removable M-O) Drive and Solaris 7

From: Jim Seymour <jseymour_at_LinxNet.com>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2003 - 22:17:36 EDT
The question was (summarized):

    I'm trying to get a Fujitsu model MCM3130SS-S, 1.3GB
    magneto-optical (M-O), drive working under Sun Sparc Solaris 7.
    Hardware is a Sun AXi motherboard.

    In brief: probe-scsi-all "saw" the device, but Solaris wouldn't
    otherwise do anything with it.

The responses were (edited/summarized):

    It should show up in /dev/dsk.

    There are several jumper settings for how the 5.25" versions of
    these drives present themselves to Solaris.  One is that the
    drives appear to be a fixed disk, another as a removable device.

    Make sure /etc/vold.conf is correctly configured.

    Try SCSI I.D. 6.  (Where the CD-ROM normally is.)

    you may try to create the devices manually if they appear below
    /devices also try devfsadm -v as these are removable devices,
    vold should be able to manage them.


    There *is* a switch setting that allows the device to be set to
    "type 0 direct access device."  Unfortunately, at least as of
    Solaris 7, Sun remains/remained hooked on its 512-byte block size
    thing and the drive has a fixed 2048 block size.  So the "sd"
    driver simply won't "deal" with it that way.  As a "type 7
    optical memory device," Solaris simply will not recognize the
    device's existence except in probe-scsi-all.  Nothing appears
    even in /devices.  Devfsadm was no help.

    Sadly, there appears to be no way to make this device work under
    Solaris 7.  Period.

    Note that Fujitsu's 2.3GB M-O drive is also a fixed 2048 block
    size.  So the same incompatibility would obtain.

    Somebody mentioned in comp.unix.solaris that they work fine under
    Solaris 9.  Solaris 8 is an unknown.

Thanks to Mark Hargrave, Sean Berry, Paul Gress and Bertrand Hutin for
their responses.  Thanks to sunmanagers.org for the mailing list.

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