Summary : Memory Part and Serial Number

From: Tan Kian Chye <>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2003 - 21:43:26 EDT
Hi all,

Thanks for those who have reply to my earlier question. I have quite a
number of email reply mentioning the usage of this "memconf" perl script. It
gives a very detail configuration of the memory setup. Info display include
the memory address, the number of bank in the system. It even give the
amount of memory used in each slot of memory.

With this information, it should be easy to determine the part number for
the memory used from the sun system engineer handbook. However because the
system is believe to be  using a 3rd party memory. This leave me with no
choice but to open the casing of the system in order to find out the part
and serial number used :(

Others reply also include the usage of "prtpicl" and "prtfru". But because
this is a E220R machine, the information display aren't very useful. I'm
sure they can be use in other architecture

I think this still happen to the rest of the system which I just take over.
Thus it's still worth it to do a one-time stock taking.

Once again, thanks everyone for your help.

Tan Kian Chye

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Subject: Memory Part and Serial Number


Is there any way to determine the part and serial number for memory that is
currently in use? I do not want to shutdown the server and open the casing,
as this is a production server. I have used the command "prtconf", but the
output are really alien to me.  Thus, is there any clue on how I can proceed
from here?

I need this information as the server believed to have some 1st & 3rd party
memory in used. The server has been rebooting very often for the past 2

Tan Kian Chye
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