SUMMARY: OS update

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 12:13:21 EDT
Folks -

There were a number of replies with several pointing me to the MU
(Maintenance Update) something that I didn't know existed (had
never needed it before and didn't have a sunsolve login).  I got
a hold of that and updated the system with that.  It took less
time than I had expected, but went very well.

Other responses said that the OS update was also a safe method,
but most suggested the MU.  Also, several suggested that I do
it via Live Upgrade (but since it's a development system, I was
able to get a reasonable maintenance window after they all went
home last evening).

Thanks for all of the help, but a few of my library still differ
(which will be my next note).


Original message:
> I've got two 880 servers that I'd like to get at the same patch level.
> However one had the OS (Solaris 9) installed last fall with the 9/02
> release and the other was installed recently with the 12/02 release,
> so there are significant patch differences due to the update version.
> Rather than digging out all of the different patches, I'd like to 
> consider doing just an OS update on the 9/02 release system just to
> get the patches.  Doing a full re-install would really be painful.
> Is that safe to do at all?  Would I be making things worse for myself
> in the long run?  Or is there some easier way to get that 9/02 release
> system to the same patch level as the 12/02 release?
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