SUMMARY: easy db copy

From: <Karl.Rossing_at_Federated.CA>
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 10:10:19 EDT
I got alot of responses.

Karl Rossing/fhcc wrote on 07/10/2003 03:32:09 PM:

> How do i get newfs to not ask me any questions?
echo 'y' | newfs -v -m2 /dev/rdsk/c10t0d0s0

A couple of people mentioned that newfs is probably a bad idea since the 
filesystem may not be fully laid out before the copy starts. I think i 
will stay with rm -rf for now since using rsync is probably the 

> Is there a faster stock Solaris program i can use?
1) tar is probably the slowest
2) cpio and ufsdump are probably faster than tar
3) Solaris 8 and 9 have a utility called fssnap. It takes a snapshot of 
the drive.

> What would you do differently?
After the flurry of responses i got, i'm not sure.

I'll probably use fssnap in the future but not right now. My main goal is 
to replace the drive to drive rsync copy with something that goes faster.

I can use progress's probackup and implementing ai and bi files but I'll 
need to do some more testing on the progress side.

I also failed to mention that i'm copying the entire db system structure 
which includes db's, db programs and output files. There are alot of files 
being copied.

So my main delima now is to use either ufsdump or cpio. Right now i'm 
leaning towards ufsdump.

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