Summary: was (Man Cmd)

From: Bruntel, Mitchell L, SOLCM <>
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 08:18:57 EDT
OK.  it was a simple little thing... I Presumed that the main /etc/profile
which set the MANPATH actually exported it too ... oops?! shows how something
can go wrong.

oh yes.  catman -M /usr/local/man CMDNAME does work too.  But without manpath
set, it cant find anything.
Thanks again

I (stupidly ) said:
Here's an annoying thing that's likely bothering someone else too:

(Man command: question
(have cmds in multiple directories, but cant get anything out)
Now:  My .profile man path (ksh), shows
Note that I had used the catman command (helpfully referred to by an
"appropos" command.
However, even the catman -M /usr/local/man command (even with the p (show me,
) wouldn't get a result.
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