SUMMARY: SCSI Parity Error on controller

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 15:01:29 EDT
I received only one reply from Joe Fletcher and it did gave me hint on what to
look for.
Thanks for the reply Joe. It was a problem of loose cable on controller. I did
tighten it and reattached the plex with vxreattach command.
Thanks for your Help Joe.
Check the termination on the array.

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>Hi Gurus,
>I have production Server (E4500) attached with A1000
and i created two LUNS
>with RM6.22 an put both the LUNS under Veritas
Voulme Manager (3.3) with RAID
>1. It was working fine from last month or so. Today i
started getting emails
>from VM saying that one disk (LUN) failed. When i
checked the Luns everything
>was fine but VM complains as NODEVICE. I ran
healthchk and it shows optimal .I
>also checked from RM GUI and it didn't gave any error
either.Also format
>command shows the disk (LUN) fine.
But /var/adm/messages shows following
>Jul 16 11:16:39 sccpdb01 scsi: [ID 107833
kern.warning] WARNING:
>/sbus@a,0/QLGC,isp@2,10000 (isp0):
>Jul 16 11:16:39 sccpdb01        Parity Error
>Follwing is output from Veritas:
># vxdisk list
>DEVICE       TYPE      DISK         GROUP        STATUS
>c1t1d0s2     sliced    -            -            online
>-            -         oradata01    oradata1dg   failed
>i also checked prtdiag -v and is didn't reported any
errors either.
>What could be the probelm? Does that parity error on
QLGC,isp2 indicate bad
>controller? or bad disk? but if the disk is bad it should
be reported by RM
>and healthchk should report an error.
>How do i make disk (LUN) under Veritas control again?
>Please help
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