SUMMARY: changing someone's home directory using nistbladm

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 12:50:54 EDT
THanks to both Larye Parkins and Charles Homan who gave
me the correct syntax.

Here is how to do it.

nistbladm -e value=hostname:/export/home2/user '[key=username]'auto_home.org_dir

And my original question:

First off sorry for such a basic and novice question I usually use 
Adminsuite to modify user accounts but in this case I have a user
with a UID below 100 and I get an error that I can't modify
system type accounts so I'm hoping command line will work.

I want to change someone's physical path to their home directory
within the auto_home table. I've used nistbladm -e before to change
someone's UID and it's worked.

If anyone can help with the syntax to do this I'd appreciate it
I don't want to mess anything up within the auto_home table.

I did try this below but got a usage error

nistbladm -e key=testadm value=hostname:/test/test auto_home
usage:	nistbladm [-D defaults] -c [-p path] [-s sep] type
		colname=[flags][,access] ... tablename
	nistbladm -u [-p path] [-s sep] [-t type] [colname=access ...] tablename
	nistbladm -d tablename
	nistbladm [-D defaults] -a|A colname=val ... tablename
	nistbladm [-D defaults] -a|A indexedname
	nistbladm -e|E colname=val ... indexedname
	nistbladm -m colname=val ... indexedname
	nistbladm -r|R [colname=val ...] tablename
	nistbladm -r|R indexedname

Thanks very much.
Dave Martini
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