SUMMARY: SMART/PFA support in Raid Manager 6.22.1

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 11:29:45 EDT

I didn't get too many responses on this.  I did find out from Sun that the
feature is supported in RM 6.22 and 6.22.1.  I also found out that in order to
to utilize
the SMART support, you have to have SNMP setup and configured.  I'm still not
clear as to what types of messages you would see if you setup SMART/PFA, as
opposed to the emails that RM sends out when an event occurs, like when a
battery or
disk dies.

I still don't know of huge benefits between RM 6.22 and 6.22.1, other than
is needed if you are running Solaris 9.


Original Message
I have an E450 running Solaris 8 with an A3500 array.  I'm concidering
upgrading the Raid Manager software from 6.22 to 6.22.1. I don't see any huge
benefits gained by going to 6.22.1, but I did see that it has support for
SMART/PFA (Self-Montoring Analysys and Reporting Technology/Predictive
Analysis) which would be helpful.  Does anyone have any experience with this?
Do you need to install extra software to utilize the SMART support?
ARe there any websites that have helpful information about SMART and Raid
Manager?  I'm not familiar with it and I'de hate to go thru the trouble of
upgrading and then not be able to utilize the feature.

Nicole Skyrca
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