SUMMARY: automating vxrestore

From: <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 09:53:27 EDT

Useful sugestions from 

Mark Hargrave, Marian Dragomir and Reggie Beavers.  

use vxrestore -rf   (requires some care and may not be 
applicable in every case but I'll try it)

insert an additional entry into the brackets ie
gunzip --stdout file.gz | (cd dest_dir; vxrestore -xf -
 ; /usr/bin/echo "y")

and use HERE structure

command << END

I'll fool around with these options and see what works 
best for my specific situation. 



I'm sure this is FAQable but can't find it and can't 
download the FAQ right now (firewall block on ftp).

I want to automate a load of parallel restores of 
compressed vxdumps.

The basic command is something like

gunzip --stdout whatever.gz | (cd whereever; vxrestore -
xf -)

Easy enough until it gets to answering that annoying 
"set owner/mode for "." "

If I want to background the restores then how do I get 
the y or n in as required?

I've used a temporary and very ugly solution of not 
backgrounding the restores, firing them all off in 
parallel then just hitting n a load of times and letting 
type-ahead take care of it.

Not pretty but it got the job done.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

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