SUMMARY: name of network interface (Sun Fire 480R)?

From: Bernt Christandl <beb_at_MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 07:07:39 EDT
Hello managers,

my thanks to all who answered to my question (see below)! said:
> You should be aiming to use either ce0 or ce1.
> The fcip0 is IP over fibre-channel. 

and all the others said about the same.

Nevertheless i'm astonished about the differences in installing
Solaris-9 compared to 8 or 7... - or i still have an unidentified
problem. I will see.

Big thanks!

With regards,

Bernt Christandl


My original question was:

Hello managers,

i have a new Sun Fire 480R, connected to the network
via the Gigabit Twisted Pair (RJ45) connector. The switch
LEDs to me seem to "shine" correctly.

Now i try to install Solaris-9 (from DVD) onto that 
machine and it "says":

Skipping interface fcip0
Skipping interface ce1
Skipping interface ce0

Is that normal? And how then is the name of the network interface
i'm trying to use?

Afterwards when having entered all those network data the machine
"says" that

   the Name Server information entered is incorrect

but to me it seems to be correct with the possible exception of the
network interface name...

With regards,

Bernt Christandl
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