SUMMARY: External SCSI-DVD-RW 4 Sparc with cdrecord

From: mohren <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 03:43:21 EDT
my question was:

any recommendations for an external DVD-R[W} Writer ( SCSI )
that works well with Solaris cdrecord ( Joerg Schilling )?

The answers are:

1) 14 out-of-office vacation messages, that's what I needed. :-(

2) D.Foster from ucsd wrote :

For DVD, we're using a Pioneer A04 (an A05 just came out),
we're extremely happy with it. We use the ProDVD software from
Jorg Schilling's cdrecord website (binary available, requires
env variable key which is provided on website).

I couldn't find a SCSI DVD writer that I was happy with, so
I bought an ATAPI (IDE) Pioneer A04 and used an IDE/SCSI
converter box that converts an internal IDE drive into an
external SCSI drive. Works like a charm:

Thanx, David.

3) I looked around with the usual producers and found that SCSI-DVD-RW
are gone ( only USB/Firewire ). So this box is the only possibility
and I can tell u that the german ACARD ( the producer of this ARS2000UB)
Web-page says it's near EOL.

Further reading:

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