SUMMARY: Problems booting with Lite-On CD-RW drive

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 20:54:16 EDT
Folks -

Apparently that OS release media can't boot from any of the newer
ultraspeed CD-RW IDE drives.  We got some Sony drives today and
those weren't usable either.

So I suggest that care is used when purchasing one of the newer
drives to be sure that your system can still boot from the OS media.

One person did suggest that I look into getting a new drive from
Lite-On, but I don't think that'll fix this problem.  Perhaps an
older drive, but I'd expect not a newer one.  :-)


Original message:

Has anyone else seen this?
We have a couple of SunBlade 100 systems with Lite-On CD-RW IDE drives
and one of them (the LTR-40125S) won't boot the Solaris 12/02 release CD.
It will boot the Solaris 9/02 release while the other drive (LTR-40125S)
boots both of them with no problem.
Is there any "fix"?

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