Summary: E420 will not power up

From: Aseltine, Dick <>
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 12:14:55 EDT
Many thanks to all!!

Murphy strike again!!

After going thru the responses a figured its probably the power distribution
board. Replaced with out any luck. As I was staring at the system rather
perplexed I decided to swap out the power supply's and to my surprise it power
up. Both power supply's were dead!

Thanks again. This is a great list!!

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From: Aseltine, Dick
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 5:00 PM
Subject: E420 will not power up

Hi all,

Looks like I have a hardware problem with E420 with 2 Power supplies.

The system does not power up with keyswitch in on position and power button
depressed, no power on/activity or general alarm LED illuminates. Verified AC
power source. It can't be a power supply problem since there are 2 (I would
think anyway). Before I start tearing it apart are there any pointers or
of wisdom I should be aware of when troubleshooting?
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