SUMMARY: Concatenating and mirroring in a Sun Clister disk set

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 18:29:49 EDT
Thanks to:

Jay Lessert
Darren Dunham
Tamas Erdei

For their suggestions regarding mirroring diskset metadevices in a Sun

The feeling was the best way to do it is with RAID (1+0) where a stripe
metadevice is made up of the data disks (A and B), a stripe metadevice is
made up of the disks which are to be used for mirroring (C and D), and
mirror these two metadevices together. 

Works like a charm. 

Thanks again!


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We have a D2 storage array with 4 x 18Gb disks attched to a 2 node sun
cluster  2 x 280R Sunfire systems, Colaris 8 (02/02), Sun Cluster 3.0
and Disksuite 4.2.1

The diskset we created for the cluster has contains these 4 disks. What
we want to do is

Disk               ESM
A                        1
B                        1

C                        2
D                        2

C and D are the mirror disks for A and B.

We want to join A and B into a 34 Gb. concatenation - should each disk A
and B be mirrored to C and D, then A and B concatenated and a global
file system created, or should they be concatenated together then a
concatenation of C and D be used to mirror that? (If in fact you can do
such a thing.)

The Disksuite and Sun Cluster install guides are kinda vague about
this.I recall doin something similar years ago, but am doubt is it was
in a cluster environment :))

Any help appreciated and I will summarize.


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