SUMMARY: Netra LOM software packages

From: Len Rose <>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 16:11:29 EDT
Well, egg on face. It turns out that the software is part
of the distribution, and in the case of Solaris 8 02/02
it is located on the Supplemental Software CD.

Thanks to Hichael Morton for telling me that it's part
of the O/S distribution.. 


I asked the list about:

> I bought a few used Netras T 105's  and am looking for the software
> that should have come with them (I need this in order to
> configure the LOM module)
> Does anyone know of a source for this software (other
> than Sun who doesn't seem to sell it directly according
> to
> I can provide serial numbers of the machines I've
> purchased if need be.
> The reason for posting it here is that I do in fact
> have an urgent issue and am hoping for a quick pointer
> to someone who has this software.
> Thanks
> Len
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