SUMMARY: How to force identical disk geometry

From: Mohamed Lrhazi <>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 09:12:48 EDT
Thanks to all who responded and sorry for the delay...

It seems most are of the opinion expressed bellow by Tony Magtalas :

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 02:17, Tony Magtalas wrote:
> Mohamed,
> Welcome to the Third Party disk world.
> What you had was a Seagate drive, *not* a Sun
> certified
> Seagate drive. They are different in label, disk
> geometry and price (their disk capacity is identical
> and made by the same vendor - Seagate).
> When Seagate drive is certified by Sun to be a Sun
> disk,
> Sun formats it and labels it a SUN36GB drive in the
> label, and charge you a lot more.
> The one that says Seagate ST-136403LC is a true
> Seagate
> drive that has not been certified/formatted by Sun
> is a generic Seagate drive (can be used by a PC, HP,
> Compaq, etc...) and generally much cheaper :-)
> Now, in the array, you have to have all identical
> disks
> otherwise you can't mirror. 

Some suggested to try format/label and choose "other" rather then
Automatic detection, and then try to provide values that would yield an
identical geometry as disks labeled by Sun... did not try this.

Some suggested upgrading the firmware by using a Sun Patch, I found out
though that Sun's patch states that: It will only upgrade Sun disks!

I went with the remaining alternatives, return the disks, if possible,
and buy Sun labeled ones.

Thanks again to all,

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