SUMMARY: L20 tape robot issues

From: Ploeg, Karen van der (Fin) <>
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 05:06:42 EDT
My impression from the reactions to my complaint that the sun L20 tape
robots seem to fail so often is that this is a general complaint. We had a
sun engineer who replaced two scsi boards and the motherboard yesterday, and
now the machine is at least able to come up again without hard errors in the
display. I have no idea for how long it will continue to work, but I'll just
wait and see. I will not touch it, move it, change the temperature or even
say nasty things about it.. you just never know what might cause it to stop
working again! 

The general answer is that I should pay good attention to the firmware
revisions, and learn to live with these things. At least I am certainly not
the only one with these problems, and when they start happening again I will
not hesitate to call Sun again and have them replace the bloody thing with a
completely new one. aarrghh. 

Thanks for the compassion you've showed me! I'm not alone in the universe of
faulty tape robots. 

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