Summary: Cluster on Ultra10

From: Sahan Kallu Kumar <>
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 02:46:36 EDT

   Got a lot of information from here. Thanks to 
joe.fletcher,Eugene Shmidt, Mahesh Gurugunti, Mazhar khan, Tony 
Irvine, Reggie Beavers and all other who have replied.  Most of 
them have agreed as to we can have a cluster on a Ultra 10. The 
multipack is going to be a small doubt. I will suggest for a D1000 
which is dual hostable and not very expensive. some Answers posted 
are as below:

In that case, as long as the thing supports dual-hosting
you should be ok. If it's one of the newer units there
won't be a problem. Assuming you are using direct-
attached you just need to change one of the initiator ids
on one of the hosts from 7 to 6 (and ensure there isn't
a drive on unit 6 in the array) and away you go.

If you are testing for a larger solution the alternatives
are Veritas Cluster Server, Legato Availability server and
obviously SUNcluster. It's just a question of cost vs


I have 2 node cluster 3.1 on Ultra 10 with Ultar2 as my 2nd 
node... works
just fine. For testing purposes.

Just get a multipack with 6 disks or so.

Mazhar Khan.

My suggestion would be to get 2 x U10's, 2 x Unipack/Multipacks, 4 
SunSwift Adapters (X1032A: 10/100 Mbs ethernet port and 1 x Ultra 
port on one card).

This will allow for 2 x Heartbeats and 2 x SCSI ports per host, on 
cards (A very strong recommendation, also in all the cluster 

You could also configure more than one public interface per node, 
for failover if you have a redundant network. This will do 
between network ports.

If you have only one network and this requirement, add another 
network card (X1033A - PCI Sun FastEthernet card), or a quad card 
if you have more than one network.

One word of caution:
Check with your local Sun support office if under maint. In some 
geo's Sun
does not like this config and blame everything that goes wrong on 
it on the
SCSI being dual-initiator config. They could also insist that all 
calls be
logged via Veritas first ...?

However, if you wish, you coudl contact SUn Professional Services 
convince them the U10 is adequate. They also source (and at a fee) 
Veritas Cluster Server (VCS).



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