[Summary] store passoward

From: Walse Chen <walsec_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Jul 01 2003 - 18:30:00 EDT
Many thanks to:

John Julian, Rick Waegner, Forrest Houston, Ralph F Bischof Jr., Aaron 
Largent, Antispam UOL, Bill Gibbs, Hans Jacobsen, David Glass, Alexei 
Kotelnikov, Hichael Morton, Jay Lessert, Donald.J.Manley, Victor Belei, 
allan Pae, Clift Robert, and Joe Fletcher.

The answers are:
1) vi -x <password file>
2) use pgp or gpg
3) Palm Pilot
4) crypt, cat passwd_file |crypt >passwd_file.e, cat passwd_file.e |crypt 
5) use des, http://www.openssl.org, or download it from sunfreeware.

My original question is:
>Forgive me if my question is beyound the topic. I have a lot of passwords 
>to be memoried. It there any
>application which I can store the passwords savely. I do not like to put 
>all passwords to a plain text file.

Thank y'all again


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