SUMMARY: LVD/HVD/SE prob - connecting a compaq MSL5026 to a E420R

From: Broun, Bevan <>
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 19:05:31 EDT
Thanks to
Paul Richards <>
James Noyes <>
Grzegorz Bakalarski <>
Scott Mickey <>
Paul Boven <>
Jay Lessert <>
Darren Dunham <>
Eric Trager <>
"Eugene Schmidt" <>

Every point said the scsi card in the E420R was HVD and that I need a LVD
card or SE card. This is pretty much what I had deduced but a call to sun
support told me the card would do both, they had a recent explorer output,
- Ill stick with the info from the list. Scott Mickey's reply contains some
useful links so I include here

on Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 03:07:52AM -0600, Scott Mickey <>
>Your problem is a HVD (High Voltage Diff) controller will not  
>work with a LVD (Low Voltage Diff) device.  You need to purchase
>one of these:
>Option 6540  (older)
>Option 6758  (newer, faster)
>You likely have an Option X6541A installed for the A1000. 
>Check out the bottom of this web page for the SCSI symbols:
>Here are a couple of emails from someone with a similar
>problem (you are certainly not the first one):
>Many LVD devices can operate in SE mode.  This means if you plug 
>the SCSI cable into the built-in SCSI connector on the back side
>of your E420R (the connector next to the keybd/mouse connector),
>you may get a response using probe-scsi-all.  You said the Compaq
>manual specified that a wide LVD controller is required, but you
>may want to ignore the manual for a moment and give it a try.
>It may allow you to get minimally operational right away.  -At least
>until you can get a HVD controller in-hand.

Thanks to all


on Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 04:37:54PM +1000, Broun, Bevan <> wrote:
> Im having some trouble connecting a compaq MSL5026 tape library to a Sun
> E420R. I cant get probe-scsi-all to show the device(s). I have read the
> following summary, and the links it contains, I have found useful but Im
> still confused.
> Here's the setup 
> Sun E420R with Solaris 8. There is a PCI differential scsi card in the
> machine, provided by sun with initial setup. The most info I have on this
> card is "Dual channel differential Ultra wide scsi card" by symbios. I have
> used this card to connect A1000 disk array and L9 tape library - all
> detected, no problem.
> Now I get rid of the A1000 and L9 and attach the MSL5026. Cabling is all
> correct, as are scsi IDs. the manual for the 5026 says "to connect the
> library to a host you must have at least one wide LVD controller and
> appropriate driver software". The driver will be comming from veritas NBU.
> I can not get the 5026 to show up via "probe-scsi-all". Ive tried many
> things. Is this a ultra v ultra2 scsi problem?
> Thanks in advance
> BB
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