SUMMARY: Solaris 9 install with mirrored volumes

From: Jason McIntosh <>
Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 10:41:04 EDT
Ok, there seems to be no way to setup mirroring from the install.  I 
was told instead that I'd need to do everything after the install.  I 
was also told that striping on a boot required disk isn't a good idea, 
and that I should just mirror the partition.

The second note, is there are some partition recommendations for use of 
the SVM:

the above links, courtesy of Darren Dunham provide some more 
information on the associated details of the SVM configuration.
My current plan is to install using 2 out of 6 of my SCSI drives, 
creating SVM, /usr and / partitions (no home, really - this is an 
Oracle box only), and then after Solaris 9 is installed, going back, 
mirroring the disk where those partitions are installed.  At that 
point, I'll also use the SVM to create a set of Raid 1+0 partitions on 
three drives, if this is possible:
Using striping, do the following:
half of disk 3, mirrored on disk 4.
Half of disk 3 mirrored on disk 5.
Half of disk 4 mirrored on disk 5.
With the above, I'll probably put 2 SVM partitions on each drive, 
including on the mirrored drive 1 & 2 combo.

Does anyone have any final comments on the above configuration?  
Warnings/thoughts/etc.?  The idea is to keep a hot-swap spare available 
in case any drive does fail (hopefully not anytime soon).  And I need a 
bit more space than a single Raid 1+0 configuration.  I also understand 
that Solaris software RAID 5 is NOT a good idea, and thus I'm trying to 
avoid that configuration by using the above.
Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh
University of Missouri
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