From: Wolfgang Schwurack <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 14:10:39 EDT
Thanks to Marcelino Mata
here's the work around to make the SunPCi version 1.3 work with Solaris 9

# cd /opt/SUNWspci/drivers/solaris

# ln -s /opt/SUNWspci/drivers/solaris/sunpcidrv.280 sunpcidrv.290
# ln -s /opt/SUNWspci/drivers/solaris/sunpcidrv.280.64 sunpcidrv.290.64

# vi $HOME/pc/SunPC.ini



Wolfgang Schwurack wrote:

> Hi  all,
> Upgraded my Ultra-60 from Solaris 8 to Solaris 9. I have a SunPCi card 
> running Win2000 in the Ultra-60. After the upgrade I can not get the 
> sunpci to boot up. When I start the pci the window pops up Opening a 
> SunPCi window..... Starting Windows. At this point the window pops up 
> for the login. I can see the windows 2000 logo okay, but were the 
> login name and password all I see are some block bars, can not see any 
> letters. I enter the password,only see block bars,hit enter the next 
> screen pops up for a sec and then it closes the window.

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