SUMMARY: Jumpstarted client does not reboot automatically after i nstallation

From: Rob De Langhe <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 12:47:30 EDT
Voila, case solved.

The reason why the Jumpstart program on the new client is not automatically
rebooting this client after the post-install script (as it is intended to do
in normal behaviour), is because this post-install script generated some
errors from its internal commands. Even when such failing commands do not
stop the post-install script to complete the rest of the instructions in it,
and at the end it even does an "exit 0" !

Apparently the Jumpstart program doesn't like those error conditions, or
maybe it is a foreseen behaviour, but when I made sure the post-install
script did run smoothly without any errors, the reboot happened just fine as

Some people mentioned that the Jumpstart server does not do a reboot
intentionally, and explicit instructions would be required in -say- the
postinstall script to make a reboot happen. So, that's not the case. I have
not double-check the documentation about the Jumpstart process, but I am
sure I have read it somewhere that this reboot happens automatically at the
end of the Jumpstart.

Thanks to Andrew Hay, Jonathan V Hays, Darren Dunham, Zaigui Wang for their



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no reason why (sure, otherwise I wouldn't post here) but my Jumpstart server
does not automatically reboot a new client after its installation completed.
Where do I start looking for any reason ?
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