SUMMARY: WARNING: envctrltwo0: Received 256 spurious interrupts

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Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 10:05:19 EDT
Only got one response... it's below.  There were no obvious kinks and the 
cable wasn't next to any lighting or anything... but we replaced it just 
to be sure.  No errors so far.  I suppose if we get them again, we'll just 
get a new NIC.


Lance Tost, Systems Engineer

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Improper termination of Ethernet lines will cause reflection noise that
hurt throughput. Other causes of reflections are kinks or sharp bends.
It is also easy to destroy LAN performance by running the Ethernet cable
drop ceilings next to fluorescent lights, which generate a lot of
radio-frequency noise. If you have a walkman and know of a store with a
sign, turn on the walkman and get near the neon light. You'll hear a
hum, because the sign is acting like a radio transmitter. I once met a
system administrator who inadvertently clipped Ethernet cable to the
line of a dispatch radio system in the office. While anyone was
by radio, Ethernet performance would drop to zero. Avoid large power
for the same reason; if your computer monitor is showing a distorted
in one part of the office but is OK in another part, you may have a
cable running in the wall or through a pillar.
Noise not only garbles valid messages, but can also cause spurious
interrupts that the computer assumes are signal data. When the computer
tries to get the message, it hears only nonsense.


Spurious interrupts are being generated by a flaky device

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Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 10:06 AM
Subject: WARNING: envctrltwo0: Received 256 spurious interrupts

> I'm getting the following on an E250 in my messages file:
> Jun 24 10:49:01 sysdevl envctrltwo: [ID 470087 kern.warning] WARNING:
> envctrltwo0: Received 256 spurious interrupts
> I found a reference to it on sunsolve (from 2000 I think)... but all
> says is that it's closed... no reference to a patch or anything.
> This system is running Solaris 8, KP Generic_108528-16.  Anyone know
> this message means or what causes it?
> Thanks

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