SUMMARY: picld patch 110460-30

From: <>
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 08:49:01 EDT

Looks like we've got this one sussed. The magic 
combination seems to be (in this order):


installed in single user and followed by a "reboot -- -r"

There's a dual entry in the README for 110460 for the 
V880 (notes 6 and 9 ) which confuses the issue slightly 
plus it would appear that the requirements mentioned in 
these notes might not be sufficient for everything to 
work correctly. 

Looks ok for now though, with the above listed kits



 ---------------------- originally -------------------------
Anyone else tried this patch? Tried it on one of my 
V880s (KR18, OBP 4.7.0) a minute ago and it turned a 
slightly broken piece of software into the error monster 
from hell.

Backed the patch out and the errors have gone 
thankfully but the existing version of picld is still 

Below is a tiny sample of what 110460-30 produced 
after a restart!

I suggest anyone else struggling with picld exercises 
caution with this kit.
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