SUMMARY: IPCS Won't run on Sol8 machine

From: Kent Holloway <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 10:20:33 EDT
Original Problem:

while trying to run /usr/bin/ipcs the following error is
issued ' ipcs: fatal: version `SUNW_1.20.1' not found
(required by file ipcs)'

More detail: IPCS 32 bit mode worked fine but 64bit mode would not run.

Thanks go to Casper Dik for the correct answer which was my 64 bit shared
library packges were corrupt or not patched properly (SUNWcslx).

I removed SUNWcslx from the system then added it back again, then patched it
with patch 108993-18.

IPCS 64bit and 32bit both work properly now.

Rich Teer also suggested I may have the wrong version of IPCS installed on the
machine, that did not turn out to be the case.

Thanks also to the following people for letting me know they were out of the

 James Perry
 Robert Champagne
 Pankaj Sharma
 Doug Wilmot
 Jesse Trucks
 Stefan Pohl
 Jo Ashmore
 Juergen Duevel
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