How do I tell what other Ethernet interfaces I have on this box. I know I have Gigabit, cards but I can't find the devices (summary)

From: Ed Skolnik <>
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 12:46:23 EDT
Well I got a whole bunch of Reponses, but the one from Alexei seems to be the best. 
grep network /etc/path_to_inst 
"/pci@8,700000/network@5,1" 0 "eri"
"/pci@8,600000/pci@1/network@0" 0 "ce"
"/pci@8,600000/pci@1/network@1" 1 "ce"
I also found out the "Sun[TM] GigaSwift Gigabit Ethernet Adapters X2222A" that I have  does not support GigaBit Ethernet. It uses
the same driver as a Gigabit card and the documenation that came with the card show's you how to set it up for Gigabit, but Sun
support has verified it doesn't run at 1000Mbs speed, so watch out!
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