SUMMARY:Howard/Trantham Veritas Root Mirror question

From: Colin Bigam <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 12:33:51 EDT
Well, it's time for a summary here.

The original question (paraphrased) was "In an emergecny, can I
boot off of either side of the VxVM mirror configured according
to the Howard/Trantham blueprint?" (still quite a mouthful)

According to MANY responses (thanks folks!), the answer is
a resounding yes. This is exactly what the arrangement is
designed for.

Teressa suggested using a small slice on each disk to build the
rootdg. I've done this before and it works well, but it's no longer
officially supported which makes it a no-go for us, due to company

Several people said "don't do it--use SDS for the root mirroring,
and put rootdg on some other disks." That has been the standard
until now, but with hooking up the Hitachi, we don't have the
ability to have two attached disks on different controllers to
build rootdg.

I had another question: "Can I build a CD with the VxVM drivers
installed, so I could boot from a CD and directly mount veritas
volumes?" Everyone agreed that this should be possible in principle,
but it seems that no one has done it--I'm not actually aware of
anyone who has built a custom boot CD for any purposes.

I may look into this latter question in more detail in the
future, but for now we're experimenting with the H/T rootdg
root volumes.

Thanks everyone!


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