SUMMARY: SRC/P: howto find the failed drive?

From: <Karl.Rossing_at_Federated.CA>
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 10:42:39 EDT
I ended up placing a service call with SUN.

There is no way to locate the drive with the src/p raid controller 
software. RM6 has that feature but not the dptmgr.

For some reason that feature is not available with dptmgr.

What i had to do was make a file(mkfile) on the slice that was broken. I 
was then able to find the drive because the activity LEDs were not 
blinking on the failed drive.

Replace the drive and rebuilt the array. Everything works now. Well 
somewhat works. I think i didn't push hard enough on the drive. So it goes 
on/offline. I understand that it's a problem with the bracket(Sun calls 
them spuds) designs on e250/e450's.

Thanks for the replies.



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Karl Rossing/fhcc wrote on 06/16/2003 02:16:08 PM:

> e450 running solaris 8
> The raid manager says i have a failed drive. It have two arrays with
> 8 disks in each array.
> All the drive lights are green.
> How do i physically find the failed drive?
> Thanks,
> Karl
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