SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3 and GDS

From: Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht <>
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 16:50:15 EDT

thanks to Mirko Schlottke.

As i assumed, the Port_list property is irgnored when a Probe_command is
specified, although Port_list is mandatory.

I also talked to a SUN technician. This issue is known at SUN an there
is a request for change for one of the next updates. Maybe this is
already fixed in SC 3.1


Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht wrote:
> Hi,
> i have a sun cluster 3.0 and i'm using the generic data service for my
> application. I have defined a set of TCP ports in the Port_list propertiy
> and a command for monitoring in Probe_command. But now it seems that the
> Port_list is ignored. The documentation for gds is not clearly about that.
> Will the Port_list be used for probing the service if an additional
> Probe_command is specified?
> Thanks in advance. Will summarize.
> Regards,
>  Kai.
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