SUMMARY: Network MTU Size

From: Procter, Paul Mr (EDS) <>
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 03:04:52 EDT
Dear all,

Many apologies (Thanks for the reminder Bruce) for not fully restating the question, I also realised that on re-reading my posting that I had not given a decent enough response.  So apologies again.


Original Question:

I have been requested to install a system requiring a MTU size of 1476.  I have trawled the documentation and it would suggest that this is ok as long as the recieving network is set to the same or something managable.

Has anyone lowered the default MTU value of 1500 with any success and also what are the pitfalls?



Many Thanks to all thoses that responded to this question everyone seemes to suggest that this was ok but to be careful and 'keep an eye' on what happens to the network.

The most comprehensive response I recieved was:

/ / /

If your network hardware is configured properly, there's no problem.

If you drop ICMP MTU discovery packets, you won't be able to pass
any traffic.

So make sure your network guys aren't doing the boneheaded (and
against RFC 2979[1], see section 3.1.1) thing with their firewall,
and you're fine.

You'll still be screwed getting to OTHER broken sites, though, so
you may want to make sure your clients are also not boneheaded. If
your ISP drops ICMP, you're probably screwed.

/ / /

So It looks as though we will be going ahead with the smaller MTU size and hopefully all should be ok.

Again, many thanks,
Paul Procter
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