SUMMARY {User Accounts Without Passwords}

From: Frederic E. Hughes <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 11:10:27 EDT
First I would like to thank:
Crist Clark, Andrew J. Caines, Kevin A. Kwast, Rajeev Jain,David Foster, 
Dominic Rivera, Morton Hichael, Casper Dik, Reggie Beavers, Stephen 
Cawley, and Greg Chavez

Although I am not the creater of user accounts on this system, I do have 
overall responaibility for It.

In the future all accounts created on it will have individual temporary 
passwords assigned or the user will be present to assign their own 

As was pointed out this was a glaring security hole in this system. 
 Although this system is on a closed and secure government net, the 
likelyhood of it being hacked is minimal from the outside, however there 
is a govement rcert team which has been giving us some greif with their 
hacking attempts lately.

Again I wish to thank those who replied to my request for knowledge.
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