Summary: RE: setting up a network install server

From: Alan Aldrich <>
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 19:49:45 EDT
the original problem:
I have followed the instructions in the Advanced installation guide to
create an 'install server' and have gotten to the point of adding a client,
but I
get this when I try to add a client

# ./add_install_client matorc sun4u
Error: Ethernet number for not found.

I am using DNS instead of NIS or any other name service, so I am not 
sure why it is looking for an ethernet number or how I can satisfy that

nslookup is able to tell what matorc's ip address is
so I know dns is working fine

do I need to create an ethers file or what?

The right answer was syntax

./add_install_client -i 198.99.999.94 -e 08:00:20:0e:e9:89 -s 
hymir:/export/hymir/raid4/jumpstart lynx sun4c

using the -e argument

Thanks to all who responded

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