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Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 11:29:00 EDT
Hi !
I got two replies, one from an EMC user and another from a Hitachi user
which explicitly asked me not to name him when I'll summarize (?!).
They both told me they (or the Storage Support representative) temporary
enabled for write the Command Device, Then, they labeled it, after which it
was made read-only again for regular access again.
I asked my Storage Support to do the same but they a really slow to react on
this. After I'll try for myself and prove it works I will send a proper

Best Regards,
George DONE

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Subject: How to turn off reporting of unlabbeled disk drives

Hi !

I am using a Solaris 2.6 server connected to a Hitachi 9660 storage.
functions of this storage (Continuous Access, Business Copy, etc.)
creation of a small (40 MB) Custom Size Volume which is used by the
Array to
receive commands from the system, respectively report status (under a
specialized utility called "Raid Manager" (not the Raid Manager utility
delivered with Sun A1000 or A3500 boxes, but the same principle). This
volume cannot be formatted, nor labeled by the host system, in fact only
Raid manager can access it, and any attempt to write to it anything from
outside the utility will get a write error message.

I do not have a problem with this, but an unlabeled  logical disk
to the system fills up the messages file with thousands of messages like
below, alarming my colleagues and wasting /var space.

How can be disabled this (syslog.conf entry ?) I want to disable any
messages reporting corrupt label - wrong magic number but none of the
possible messages coming from the same syslog facility (I presume this
built inside sd driver, but I did not see any ad.conf possible setting


Apr  6 04:08:31 machine_name unix: WARNING: /sbus@40,0/fcaw@1,0/sd@58,0

Apr  6 04:08:31 machine_name unix:   corrupt label - wrong magic



Excerpt from "format" output.


8. c2t88d0 <HP-OPEN-E-CVS-CM-0117 cyl 70 alt 2 hd 15 sec 96>






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Orange Nederland N.V.


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