SUMMARY [STILL NEEDS HELP]: How to force identical major/minor numbers on two machines?

From: Mohamed Lrhazi <>
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 14:50:52 EDT
Unfortunately, I still did not find a solution to my problem... makes me 
wonder if Sun did not made this this way to force people to use their 
clustering software!

Summary of the problem:
- Two identical servers, E4500, two identical disk shelves, A5000.
- Both shelves connected to both servers.
ls -lL /dev/rdsk/c[012]* on the two machines shows the files as having 
the same names, same major number but different minor numbers.

- Even when both systems are booted off a CDROM.
- We tried  recabling in each possible way we could imagine... the 
numbers change, but never agree.

Thanks for those who replied, especially : george goffe 
<>, who suggested and offered ideas on cloning  the 
system disk.

After I cloned /, /usr, /var /opt of system A, into a disk on system B, 
booted system B with -s argument only, no -r, the new system still 
changed the minor numbers of my disks on it own accord!!! and the 
resulting numbers do not match the original ones.

suggested I created those special files my self, and assigning the 
"right" minor numbers, using mknod.
Sounds great, but have no clue how to do that.. any ideas?

- suggested:
there are a few files that need to be identical on both machines in 
order for this to work:


I tried copying these files from system A to system B, then rebuilding 
the dev tree with devfsadm -C.... no avail. If it is for cluster stuff then use hamajor 
or haminor commands.
No, we are not using  HA software... only bundled Solaris.

Any input highly appreciated.. this is driving me nuts.

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