SUMMARY: BTU's of Sun equipment

From: Kevin Buterbaugh <>
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 12:22:02 EDT
Greetings Again All,

     First off, thanks go to Justin Stringfellow, Jason Santos, Joel 
Fisher, Karl Rossing, Jay Lessert, Pete Alleman, and Lloyd Parkes for 
their helpful suggestions.

     Special thanks go to James Perry, Jagan Gottimukkula, SreenivasaRao 
Vadalasetty, and Grant McKechnie for letting me know that they are out on 
vacation or in training while I'm stuck at work!  <grin>

     I received a couple of suggestions to look for the BTU information in 
the Sun System Handbook on Sunsolve.  I guess I should have been more 
clear; when I said I had searched Sunsolve, that included the System 
Handbook.  The information's not there (at least not directly) anyway.

     The answer, as most of the above individuals pointed out, and which I 
obviously did not know, is to calculate the BTU's from the power 
consumption.  I already know the wattage requirements of the equipment, so 
"BTU/hour of A/C required = watts of power draw * 3.412."

     Easy enough!  Original post follows...

> Greetings All,
> > 
> >      We are relocating some older Sun equipment to an alternate site 
> > disaster recovery purposes.  At that site we are building a small 
> > room to house the equipment.  I've been able to quite easily find the 
> > electrical requirements for the equipment, but have been mostly unable 
> > find information on the BTU's of the equipment for determining A/C 
> > requirements.
> > 
> >      The equipment being moved includes an E6000, a couple of 
> > numerous SSA100's, and an Ultra 2.  In the future we will likely move 
> > E3000.  I have searched Sunsolve, the Sunmanagers archive, and some of 
> > printed manuals we have for this equipment.  So far, the only thing 
> > been able to find is that the E6000 produces 12,000 BTU's.  Does 
> > have any information on the other equipment I mentioned, or can point 
> > to a resource where I can find it?  Thanks everyone...

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