[SUMMARY] spam solution for Solaris 8 sendmail hub system

From: Jerry K <sun_at_sun.twlight.net>
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 17:58:38 EDT
I have received an incredible number of responses to my question in a 
short period of time and I want to thank everyone who replied.  As I 
have received so many replies, I have decided to post a summary rather 
than to quote everyones email.  By far, the overwhelming response was 
to use Spam Assassin.  Here is the summary by votes/suggestions.  
Several people suggested more than one product:

Votes - Suggestion

1 - why on earth would you do that
12 - spamassassin    http://www.spamassassin.org
1 - sent spam prevention tips
3 - CanIt - http://www.canit.ca/
6 - use realtime blacklist/open-relay database
4 - procmail/procmail based solution
1 - websense
1 - PerlMX - http://www.activestate.com
3 - dspam - http://www.networkdweebs.com/products/dspam/
1 - Trend eManager
1 - Superscout - www.surfcontrol.com
3 - MIMEDefang - http://www.mimedefang.org/
2 - Bogofilter - http://bogofilter.sf.net

I will probably go ahead and give Spam Assassin a try first and see if 
will meet my needs.

Vacation/out of office messages - I received 9 of these.  People, 
please fix your mail and don't send these to the mailing list.

For Rich, who asked why on earth I would do this; the sales/marketing 
people want lookout calendaring/scheduling and currently they have that 
on a legacy m$/exchange system.  If you think this is bad, just think 
how much worse it would be having a windows (smtp mail system) box 
exposed to the internet.

The original message is posted below.

Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions,

Jerry K

On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 11:16  AM, Jerry K wrote:

> I have a Solaris 8 system that I currently have configured (using 
> sendmail) as a mail hub.  In more detail, I have a /etc/mail/access 
> file that blocks mail from several sites and also allows a couple of 
> host to relay.  No mail is delivered locally on this host.  All 
> incoming mail (for about ~20 users) is forwarded via an 
> /etc/mail/aliases file to an internal pc based mail system.
> I am looking for suggestions on something, in addition to my 
> /etc/mail/access file that I could use to reject spam messages as mail 
> comes into this system based on keywords.  Solutions could include 
> either a commercial  or open source solution.
> I will summarize,
> Thanks,
> Jerry K
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