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From: Bill Gibbs <>
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 08:55:42 EDT
Thanks to John from across the pond (from me anyways) who made the software
available.  Apparently it's on Disc 6.  Why I cannot download I don't
know...I am surprised the Sun Fire V100 didn't have any sort of system
restore CDs (after all, the box came preinstalled w/ Solaris 8!) where I
could have snagged it.


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Is the lights out management software for Solaris 9 available for download?
I cannot find it on the 3 discs I downloaded from Sun.  The Sun Fire V100 I
have was reloaded for development w/ a copy of Solaris 9 and I'd like to
reload the LOM.

Thanks in advance.

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