SUMMARY: ldap training class

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 16:31:51 EDT

Most people said that there were some differences between the administration
and impementation between LDAP on Solaris 8 and Solaris 9.  LDAP on Solaris 9
is better than on Solaris 8.  No one took this class, but some did say that
the concepts are the same between OS versions.

Thank you all!  I am going to put in a requst to take this class.


Here is what some people wrote:

Pete Bentley:
I haven't been on the course, but have used LDAP as a naming service for
Solaris 8 and Solaris 9.

Most of the concepts are pretty similar - ie how a directory works, how to
Solaris authentication data in one etc etcs, however there used to be a
quitea few implementation differences between the sol8 and sol9 LDAP
client.(eg they expected LDAP "profiles" to be in a different form).  However
Sunrecently back-ported the sol9 client to sol8, so if you have patch
108993-18or later installed, then sol8 and sol9 should behave the same.  This
patch is well worth  installing as they sol9 backport is much less flakey
than the original sol8 LDAP client.

There are still a few implementation differences, eg the way you supply
arguments to ldapclient(8) differs between sol8 and sol9 and also
depending on whether you have 108993-18 installed, so patch your
man pages at the same time as your LDAP software :)

Michael Cunningham:
The ldap implementation in solaris 8 sucks hard. Its doesnt
support ssl and doesnt even really work when setup right. You are
better off either waiting until you go with solaris 9
or start using pam_ldap and alternative to suns version
that works well with 2.6+. Thats why the training class is
for solaris 9.

Alan Pae:
the Sun Press book by the same name is designed for Solaris 8, it walks you
through the procedure to ensure that 8 can use LDAP as a naming service.  My
understanding is that has changed somewhat in solaris 9, as it can use ssl
whereas 8 cannot

Octave Orgeron:
I have not taken the LDAP class yet, but I am aware of the differences
between LDAP under Solaris 9 and 8. Solaris 8 was Sun's first shot at
LDAP client setup. And Solaris 9 is a lot better than 8 in this area.
This does not mean you won't be able to setup LDAP for your Solaris 8
machines at all. There are some extra steps for setting up Solaris 8
clients though. I would strongly advise that you setup your LDAP
servers on Solaris 9 and follow the Blueprints docs on setting up the
LDAP client on your Solaris 8 clients. It's not that bad. Let me know
how the class goes.

Original Post
Has anyone taken the Sun training class IN-351, Using LDAP as a Naming
Service?  The course description says that you learn to configure ldap with
Solaris 9, but we have primarily a Solaris 8 environment.  Do the ldap and
SunONE concepts differ so much between OS versions that I wouldn't be able to
get the basic concepts from the class and apply them in a Solaris 8

Nicole Skyrca
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