Summary: Can Rcv Email - Not Send

From: David Rieger <>
Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 19:56:55 EDT
How lovely,

The blessing and curse of this great list is one's mistakes and (lack of) 
knowledge get's broadcast for all to see - I must thank those who 
responded; the consensus from the symptoms was a clobber - but 
in reality I in my haste and panic yesterday during my other issue - tried 
to reconfig my desktop email client to use another server in my cluster and 
then completely forgot I did this - so when I checked my email - it went to 
my mx box, but when I sent email it didn't and went off into space...just 
like me on this one.

The good side - at least my users were not effected on this one - and the 
generosity and help offered by you all gives me faith in us all.

So thanks for the ability to make a mistake and continue to participate on 
this list.

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