[SUMMARY] mysql/perl/gcc/DBI/DBD -- Sunfreeware/CPAN -- Solaris 8

From: Chris Hoogendyk <choogend_at_library.umass.edu>
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 13:41:02 EDT
Got it all running. Lost track of everyone I corresponded with and 
talked to. Here is the configuration (on a Sun E250 with Solaris 8).

 From SunFreeware

       (also ncurses, libgcc, and zlib which were required for this)
    perl_s-5.8.0-sol8-sparc-local  (the version with the libperl.so 
shared library)

    make-3.80-sol8-sparc-local (the gnu make)

 From CPAN

    Digest-MD5-2.24 (separate issue, but we needed this)


The gnu make and libperl.so were what I was missing before. The mysql 
was already running, but I couldn't get connected to it from perl with DBI.

I did the pkgadd for the new perl package after backing up all the perl 
stuff. Our web pages that depended on it still worked. I hadn't broken 

Then I did the pkgadd for gnu make.

Then on to the CPAN stuff...

With the new make in /usr/local/bin, I changed my PATH to 

Then I simply went through the steps of making within each of the 3 CPAN 

    make clean
    perl -w Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

The MD5 and DBI worked just fine.

DBD gave me troubles with trying to find libmysqlclient.so.10 which was 
in /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql, even though that path was included in the 
paths for the compilation. I'm not a unix C programmer, so I wasn't sure 
what the flags and stuff were. Seems like all the other paths were in 
twice with both an R and an L, but this path was only in once. Anyway, I 
copied all the stuff from /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql into /usr/local/lib 
after checking to make sure that there was nothing that would be 
overwritten. Then I did the make stuff over and it worked.

I probably could have found where to modify the makefile so that it 
would find things without me moving them around. But I wasn't finding it 
easily, so i just moved them.

Since this is the same error I was encountering originally, it is 
possible that it should have worked with my original attempts if I had 
copied this library over.  At that point I did not have the version of 
perl with libperl.so and I didn't have gnu make. My PATH was 

Since it is working, I won't go back and experiment. Have to proceed 
with implementation.

The packages from SunFreeware do appear to be compiled using gcc and not 
the forte compilers. So the issue of compatibility between compilers 
turned out not to be an issue. This is good to know, since SunFreeware 
is such a staple source.

Thanks to all.


Chris Hoogendyk

   O__  ---- Network Specialist & Unix Systems Administrator
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