SUMMARY: nfs question

From: mr ayie <>
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 04:19:53 EDT
hi all..

thanks to
Dave Foster,John Westerdale and for replying. all off them 
suggest me to do script. but dave also ask me to try using antomount. i am 
trying to do this. thanks all

>hi all...
>need your help to suggest to me someway to know if my nfs filesystem still 
>mounted in certain time or not. the issue is that i have a cron that will 
>run 1 script which will insert data into this mounted share file from other 
>system. if this share file was not mounted (timeout) this script will still 
>trying to save the data. after that the script terminate and no data will 
>be save into it.
>is there any other way beside using script to check when the shared 
>filesystem timeout and fail?
>i wil summarize. TIA

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