SUMMARY: SunRay + SPARC-server + SunPCI + Solaris-x86 + vmware + Win98 : feasible ?

From: Rob De Langhe <>
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 03:29:19 EDT
As expected, many useful answers ...

1) the SunPCI card is accessed from within a CDE session, so whatever is
displayed by the card goes back into a window on the CDE session. No need
for a local graphics console, will sure work with remote users (like on
remote SunRay desktops)
2) people are not sure if Solaris-x86 will run on a SunPCI card, even more
it would not be necessary to give  multiple users potential access to the
Windoz-programs executed on the card:
3) I would plain install some Windoz 'on the card', and every single user
could run programs on it, one user at a time
4) if I want multiple users to run x86-programs concurrently, it would be
necessary (and nearly 1/2 times cheaper, as estimated by one person, then
Citrix) to run Win-TerminalServer on the card. As far as I understood (I am
not a Win$ player) sessions on the x86 card could then be initiated via a
free RDP client named "Rdesktop", by multiple people running on the server
via the SunRays. Obviously, the more programs executed on the card, the
heavier the load on it and slower respons times.

Many thanks to 

Chris Hoogendyk
Heile Rainer
Hichael Morton
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Jim Musso
Marcelino Mata
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Subject: FW: SunRay + SPARC-server + SunPCI + Solaris-x86 + vmware + Win98 :
feasible ?

Hi all,
since this splashing list returns so many very useful answers, let's try
this one :
instead of going with the very expensive Citrix solution to get
PC-applications display on UNIX desktops, I think the following setup should
be possible for our situation :
- we have 2-3 people working from a SUN server via SunRay desktops
- 1 or 2 of them would now and then need to be able to run native x86
applications, but I want to avoid to require them to have an additional PC
on their desk for those occasions
Imagine I install a SunPCI card in our headless server, can I send
keystrokes from a SunRay connected on the server towards the SunPCI
processor? And is there a way to have the SunPCI processor send its display
to on of the SunRays ?
Or does a SunPCI card require a graphical console screen locally attached to
the server in which it is installed? I have seen some posts on this list
from people installing a SunPCI card in V880 and similar servers. Do they
require a graphics console connected to such servers?
In case that it is possible to have control over the SunPCI card from
SunRays, I would install Solaris-x86 'on' the card (I know, it goes on the
server's disk), and start CDE from this Solaris-x86 with DISPLAY send to the
Within this Solaris-x86, I would install VM-Ware. When I launch VM-Ware, it
would send its stuff to DISPLAY, which would still be the SunRay. And now
you feel me coming : having Vm-Ware displaying on the SunRay, I would load
-say- Win-98 inside VmWare and thus have the x86-applications displaying
still onto my SunRay.
Pure nonsense, or feasible ?
Your votes please, if possible with some technical details why or why not.
Kind regards,
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