[SUMMARY] Frame Buffer Resolution

From: Hackett, Peter <PHackett_at_talisman-energy.com>
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 16:08:16 EDT
No replies, but figured it out...
Just needed to restart X after setting it.


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Subject: Frame Buffer Resolution


I have a Blade 2000 Sol-8 with two XVR-1000 frame buffers..
There used to be two 21" CRTs attached but I've switched one out for a 24"
wide screen CRT. 
I'm trying to set the resolution to SUNW_STD_1920X1200X75 with:

fbconfig -dev /dev/fbs/gfb0 -stream a -res SUNW_STD_1920X1200X75 try

which sort of works, but when it changes, the resulting image is small,
probalby half the size of what it should be to fill the screen. I've hit
reset on the monitor as well, so it's not custom sizing which is causing the
small image.

How can I set the resolution properly to fill this beast of a CRT?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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