SUMMARY: qfe on a sun ultraii

From: Neil Martin <>
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 07:14:43 EDT
Thanks to Hichael , Betrand, Mathew and David.

Hichael pointed out that if the board is electonicallly dead  even 
sunvts or the firmware will not know about it,  this turned out to be 
the problem .

Other good things to know:

check the card at OBP with watch-net-all

Are you sure you installed it in the correct PCI slot? Some slots have
different voltages/bus widths that cause cards to malfunction. It's been
a while, but I think the QFEs operate at 3.3v & 33mhz. They may be able
to do any voltage (I've seen voltage switching cards in the past) and as
well they may work in a 66mhz slot. (I'm pretty sure 66mhz is backward
compat. to 33mhz cards anyway)

Do you have these packages installed?

system      SUNWqfed       Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapter Driver
system      SUNWqfedu      Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapter Driver Headers

They're on your Solaris CD.
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