SUMMARY: SCSI connection in E3500

From: David M. Arroyo Díaz <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 08:36:25 EDT

I've never seen a fastest response. In three minutes the right answer was
pointed. Congratulations, managers!

Here is the summary of the question.

- Hardware implied: E3500 and D1000

- Scenario: wanted to connect the D1000 to the E3500 using the builtin SCSI
connectors of the Sbus I/O boards.

- Resolution: it is not possible to connect the D1000 to the E3500 with the
built in SCSI connectors of the 3500, because the D1000 is a differential
SCSI device, and the E3500 built in SCSI is single ended. Therefore  both
interfaces are incompatibles.
The solution proposed will be to add a differential scsi hba, like the
(, in
order to handle the D1000.

Thanks to:
Steven Haywood
John Cronin
Bertrand Hutin
Anand Chouthai
James Noyes
Andy Yother

Kindest regards,

David Arroyo
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