SUMMARY: How to get Sun Solaris certified?

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 04:04:36 EDT
Thanks to many people on the list who offered advice,
too many to list.
Basically there are 2 Solaris exams to take, namely
310-011 (Part I) and 310-012 (Part II) (for Solaris
[For Solaris 9, they are 311-014 and 311-015]
 You need to pass both exams to get the Solaris
certification designation. 
While there are many books out there that show you how
to study for the exam and offer the sample exams, many
people agree that the materials from the exams are
directly from the Sys Admin I and II coursebooks from
Sun Education.
You either take the 2 classes at Sun to get the
materials (very expensive) or find these course books
on EBay, or you can get these materials in pdf formats
in various groups in such as the
solaris_adm group (look under "files"section)
The exam is admistered by Sylvan Prometric Center
(; It costs $150.00 to register.

Here are some of the websites of interest:

One person gave the following advice:
Besides the Sun training coursebook, you should
to have a live Sun workstation to practice on; have
Sun Answerbooks and man pages handy; try to study in
group if possible; and practice lots of sample tests.

Good luck.

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