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From: Andre Godin <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 16:43:20 EDT
Thanks to all who responded - very much!

I decided to use "mpack" - short&sweet.  Very useful, although I do have to
now install and manage yet another binary :-(

There were a number of really talented people with great answers to my
problem, there names are below; Frank Smith Crist Clark Jay Lessert Evan
Gold Blain Owens Mike Fulce David Foster Timothy Lorenc John Julian

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I have a requirement to send a dated filename as an attachement from a cron
job.  I'm currently using uuencode to send the file as an attachment with
uuencode <filename*.lst> <filename'date +%Y-%m-%d'.txt> | mailx <> 
Only problem is that the cron job has to run the day after the dated
filename is created.  The way I'm doing it,  the attached filename is dated
with todays date and note yesterdays or the actual filename name.  
1. Does mailx or sendmail support sending attachements - if so, any tips on
sending them without uuencoding first would be great. 2. How do you just
uuencode a filename that changes (date) daily and have it sent with
yesterdays date?
Any help on this one would be great!
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