SUMMARY: Help: "boot -s" not working after getting "Error opening PAM libraries"

From: Canhui (Sam) Ou <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 18:44:03 EDT
I changed root's home directory to something not on the / partition and now I
can't log in.

Here is the steps to change things back:
1. Put the Sol 8 boot disk in your cdrom;
2. stop-A, boot cdrom -s;
3. mount root drive to /a; 
4. edit /a/etc/passwd to change root's directory to /;
5. reboot.

Thanks to
  Eric Paul
  Aaron M. Hirsch
  Mike Salehi
  Tim Evans


Original message:
>Hi All,
>After applying Solaris 8 recommended patches on a SunBlade100, I couldn't 
>after rebooting the workstation.  Below is what I did (I am still 
>struggling to
>figure out how to fix it).
>First, I got the message
>   "Error opening PAM libraries
>    Please contact your system administrator"
>Then, I did "Stop A" and "boot -s" in sequence.  After I inputed the root
>password for system maintenance, the following messages appeared
>   "su: 'su root' succeeded for root on /dev/console
>    No directory!"
>   "Starting rpc services: domainname: fatal:
>open failed: no such file or directory"
>After that, instead of going to the single-user mode, the system gave me the
>message "Error opening PAM libraries" again.  I was expecting to go to
>single-user mode and do a "chmod 755 /usr/lib/security/" as
>suggested in the thread "SUMMARY:Error opening PAM libraries".
>The system has a small "/" partition and was about to fill up.  I moved the
>"/var/sadm" directory to "/export/home" and made a soft link to save space
>under "/".  Not sure if this is the reason for all the problems.

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